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Learning from Experience

Darina's carefully organized chaos

13 December 1972
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Hi everybody!

I live in Bulgaria. This is a post-communist Eastern European country. My native language is Bulgarian.

I'm female and heterosexual. I have a lot of gay friends, so if you don't "approve" of homosexuality for whatever religious or secular reasons, adding me as a friend is not a good idea. You have been warned.

I'm currently single, but I'm not looking for a long-distance "boyfriend" that I can't even afford to visit.

My university education is too complicated to explain here, so let's say I'm a linguist, which is the main part of it. Professionally, I'm primarily a translator. I also have a Bachelor's degree in agronomy (the scientific side of agriculture) from another university, but I've never actually worked that.

I raise pet silkworms in domestic conditions, and I'm well past the Inexperienced Idiot stage now, but oakenking is still my silkworm guru and occasionally saviour.

I understand Russian, and I can speak it all right, but I find it difficult to write and especially to computer-type. I allow comments in Russian to my blog. I also understand Modern Greek an a bit of Italian.

I'm not sure where I stand in religious/atheistic/agnostic terms at this stage, and it doesn't bother me very much because I just follow my own consciousness anyway, religion or no religion. All I know for sure is that I can't belong to a homophobic church.

Ah, my username: Tilia tomentosa is the scientific name for the Silver Linden tree. I prefer being called by my real name, but if you are bad at remembering names, Tilia is OK. It even sounds kind of romantic, like the name of an ancient Roman woman. :)


FRIENDING POLICY: I view LJ friends as real friends, or potential friends, or at lest pleasant company. It is about communication and not just "subscription" to people's journals. But if you want to "subscribe" to the public part of my journal, I don't mind - just tell me that this is what you want.

I am now also [personal profile] tilia_tomentosa on Dreamwidth, but that profile is still "under construction". I don't intend to migrate entirely there.

Резюме для тех, кто не понимает по-английски: меня зовут Дарина. Я – болгарка, филолог, переводчик. Училась и на агронома, но никогда этого не работала. Я гетеросексуальна, но это мне не мешает быть ЛГБТ-активистом. Шелкопряды, которые развожу понемножку, для меня только домашние любимцы; производством шелка не занимаюсь. У меня здесь публика в основном англоязычная, поэтому и пишу на английском языке. На русском мне все еще трудно вообще писать или говорить, но учусь, а понимаю отлично.

Не обижайтесь, пожалуйста, если я слишком быстро по вашему представлению перешла с вами на «ты» (иногда я это даже совсем невольно делаю). Это у нас просто культурное различие, и я иногда забываю, что с русскоязычными пользователями нельзя разговаривать так неформально, как с болгарами.