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Homophobia and unambiguous hate speech on Bulgarian TV

No, it wasn't that TV, it was another private national Bulgarian TV this time - Nova TV, and its owner is  Modern Times Group.

I've been putting off posting this entry for a few days now because it is extremely difficult for me to compose it.

So, who are the participants in this TV programme?

The oh-so-blonde giggling-like-a-schoolgirl host is Lora Krumova.  For starters, there is that noun "homosexualist" that somebody invented during the Communist era or earlier, as if it were a profession or ideology, but no one says "heterosexualist". So our charming blonde host kept talking of "homosexualists [masculine gender] and lesbians".  But she behaved more or less decently most of the time. 

Boyan Rasate (other transcriptions from the Cyrillic are also possible) , the gentleman you can see before playing the video, is the leader of the Bulgarian National Alliance, a fringe nazi-type political party. Rasate is not his real name, it is a political pseudonym.  The real Rasate was a medieval prince in Bulgaria. So if you doubt this gentleman's sanity, I can't blame you.  Boyan Rasate became famous (or infamous) for getting arrested last summer for interfering with the Pride Parade in Sofia, and he was on probation for six months, of which he seems to be very proud as a true "martyr".  Another thing he is (in)famous for is his claim that "homosexuality and pedophilia go hand in hand" - sounds familiar? I din't even count how many times he used the word "perverted" in this video.

The other gentleman, Plamen Hristov, is some kind of ally to Rasate, generally unknown in Bulgaria, and another candidate for getting arrested and sued (these people seem to be very keen on it, no kidding).

Their opponents, referred to as "eminent homosexualists of the capital" by the host, who were in fact some participants in the Big Brother reality show, simply didn't come. Please spare me the effort of translating her response and trying to find the exact degree of offensiveness in English.


My translation of a the most "interesting" (italics mine):
3:13 - 5:50

Lora Krumova, "I don't know if you know, but they are organizing a parade again.  There are going to be jolly people in the streets this year again."
Boyan Rasate, "It is too early to say if there is really going to be a parade or not."
Lora Krumova, "Why, is it painful for you?" *laughs*
Boyan Rasate, "No, it is not painful for us, but it can become painful for them."
Lora Krumova, "Did you get to collisions last time, or were you just offending them? Because I can see that this time you are proposing serious..."  *dramatic pause, obviously doesn't want to say the word*
Plamen Hristov, "We are not proposing anything at all; we think that the Bulgarians are intelligent enough to oppose such perverted phenomena."
Lora Krumova, "How exactly should they oppose and what is perverted?"
Plamen Hristov, "Well, the footage from last year's gay parade showed how."**
Boyan Rasate, "And the footage from the gay parades all over Europe show an extreme decline of all values. And a demonstration, public demonstration, of an abnormal sexual orientation, or not generally acceptable."
Lora Krumova, "A different one; why are you calling it abnormal?"
Boyan Rasate "Because if it were normal, there wouldn't be man and woman in Nature, there would only be homosexuals, and we wouldn't reproduce this way, but by some other method, by drops[?] or in vitro."
Lora Krumova, "So, what are you thinking of doing?"
Boyan Rasate, "Now,t he situatiton is a little different this year because I don't know what exactly  ...  In fact we know what the goals of the gay parade were,  the gay parade was meant as a base for further demands by the homosexuals - we say that with the [proposed] changes to the Family Code, we saw it with them wanting to adopt children and so on, those were their goals. Our goal was to stop that gay parade,  but something happened that we didn't expect..."
Lora Krumova, "You got arrested?"
Boyan Rasate, "That part we expected."
Lora Krumova, *laughing* Maybe you even hoped [to get arrested]?
Boyan Rasate, "No, we expected it, we didn't hope. But what happened was that last year before the gay parade, in Bulgaria , so to say, the various little nationalist and patriotic groups were rather divided and in the day of the gay parade acted separately, unorganized and every man for himself."
Lora Krumova: "OK, what are the gays and lesbians doing to you?"
Boyan Rasate *ignoring her* "The interesting thing after the gay parade is that the so-called national resistance at the end of the day managed to sit at the table, overcame certain differences, and if this year there is a gay parade, believe me, this time those people who want to impose on us their "different" sexual behaviour will encounter not a divided group or little groups, but a fairly well organized mass of people."

**see the explanation to the YouTube video of Rasate getting arrested (the link in my introduction), it's in good enough English.

Ecxuse me for the long entry, and my reluctance to use a lJ cut. I'll write about what protest action is being taken in another entry.

Note: If you have a blog outside LiveJournal, please use the Open ID option to comment. Any comments from anonymous Bulgarian haters will be deleted. I can even disable anonymous comments in general if things get too bad.  And I can ban anyone I choose from further commenting. My blog, my rules!

P.S. Here is some more in my Bulgarian friend bgoberon 's other blog.
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