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22 February 2013 @ 01:42 am

This is a Russian campaign against Article 6.13.1 (of the Code of Administrative Offences of the Russian Federation), the federal bill which is to ban the “propaganda of homosexuality among minors”. You can enjoy the full insanity of the bill in English here. It was already approved by their Parliament in its first reading, and has two more readings to pass.

So the Love is Legal site is where people’s photos and accompanying messages opposing the bill and supporting the Russian LGBT community are posted. I asked one of the Russian activists if I could join the campaign, and he gladly gave me his permission. I sent my photo and my message to the campaign’s email address, and this is the end result:

My message is in Russian (thanks to ilupin for the editing), so I’m translating it into English for you.

I am a volunteer who works with gay teenagers. I know from experience what it’s like to talk an underage boy out of killing himself over the Internet.

For such teenagers, the information that they are perfectly normal and no worse than the others can be literally life-saving. They need information and educational resources, and not protection from the “propaganda” of what is absurd to propagandize. They need to know that they are not alone on this planet. I am against Article 6.13.1.

Darina Ivanova

ETA: I'm making this post "sticky" for some time because I think it's important.

15 April 2014 @ 02:51 pm
Going on slowly, but steadily. :)

Maybe these are going to be the last ones... for now.

 photo DSC01969_zps50eac7cf.jpg
11 April 2014 @ 01:17 am
This one is for my neighbours' four-year-old granddaughter. She'll pick it up when she comes to see her grandparents. :)

I was asked to make it in "natural" colours, so here it is in white and grey, and I only hope the little girl likes it.

 photo DSC01916_zpsb126b39a.jpg

 photo DSC01917_zps04191af9.jpg

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08 April 2014 @ 01:23 am

I didn't manage to do any work on my knitting projects during the weekend because i had a lot of other work to do. So here I am with four unfinished bunnies and (the same) three unfinished chickens.

I managed to do a little work on one of the bunnies later today, but still less that I'd like to. I don't know yet what tomorrow holds for me, besides the final editing touches to a difficult translation. But I'm determined to find at least a little time for at least one of all these poor unfinished toys.

Yes, there are bunny ears and tails galore in the upper left box. :)

 photo DSC01915_zpse39f548a.jpg

04 April 2014 @ 02:09 am

Now whose cat likes to do this in the middle of the night? :D

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01 April 2014 @ 03:48 am
This one has an extra bead for a nose because she specially wanted it this way. :)

I used the very last scraps of my old pink yarn for the ears because I was afraid I would end up with different-coloured ears if I made them from the Alize yarn, and my sister wanted pink ears anyway.

I made its back legs slightly shorter because I wanted to achieve a slightly longer body, but I’m not very pleased with the effect. It was easier to sew up the back legs to the sides of the body this way though.

 photo DSC01852_zpsfd52c33b.jpg

 photo DSC01856_zps94347b5c.jpg

 photo DSC01854_zps6c0ab424.jpg

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A row of bunnies waiting to make their way to their owners. :)
 photo DSC01861_zpsda16ea4c.jpg
31 March 2014 @ 03:24 am
For my fellow knitters plantmom, nata_for and susandennis (and anyone else who isn't bored to death with my knitting yet :P).

The box contains an unfinished bunny (the yellow pom pom is its future tail) and three unfinished Easter chickens (the other yellow things are improvised future chicken legs, but their proper shape will show when I fold them). nata_for, just look at this chicken pattern!

I didn't manage to do much more work on the bunny because we had visitors, so I'll finish it tomorrow. Well, it's actually already 'today" in my time zone, so I'd better go to bed soon. :P

 photo DSC01843_zpsd1f6a17a.jpg
31 March 2014 @ 03:09 am
This year's silkworms hatched too early because of the crazily warm mid-March weather. Thankfully, the mulberry trees started leafing out too early too, so I could feed the hatchlings on the very first leaves last Sonday night.

I photographed the silkworms yesterday while some of them were still at the end of their first instar, some had already molted into their second instar, and maybe half of them in the middle of molting. This whole thing means that they were either to change their skins for the first time, had just changed them, or were in the middle of the process (just standing motionlessly waiting for the old skins to detach from their bodies; you won't see any of them actually walking out of their old skins in these photos).

I know that their box was a mess, but you can't safely move them while they are changing their skins, so the cleaning had to wait.

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28 March 2014 @ 01:46 am
An old friend who now lives in Germany sent me this yarn from there to knit a bunny for her. She’ll pick it up when she comes to visit her parents.

 photo DSC01711_zps97142f75.jpg

I find this yarn extremely difficult to knit, so I wouldn't recommend it to inexperienced knitters.Some words for the knittersCollapse )

 photo DSC01814-1_zpsbf6e59de.jpg

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The pom pom for the tail was also very difficult to make, but I managed it somehow. As you can see, each of the strands of the yarn stands separately in it.
 photo DSC01806_zpsa688e6c2.jpg

Then I suddenly remembered that we had some leftover acrylic yarn of similar colour. So I used it to make the bunny a new tail, which is much fluffier and more stable:
 photo DSC01822_zps8d06dd8b.jpg
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23 March 2014 @ 02:41 pm
Here comes the next bunny that I mad out of old scraps of yarn. I think I used up most of that that ball of pink yarn to knit some baby garment... I have no idea how many years ago.

This one has a huge tail because I got a little carried away with the pom pom. It's bigger than the bunny's head! :)

 photo DSC01729_zpsc5e40e6a.jpg

 photo DSC01730_zpsc87bfda8.jpg

 photo DSC01735_zps070b4916.jpg

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