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22 February 2013 @ 01:42 am

This is a Russian campaign against Article 6.13.1 (of the Code of Administrative Offences of the Russian Federation), the federal bill which is to ban the “propaganda of homosexuality among minors”. You can enjoy the full insanity of the bill in English here. It was already approved by their Parliament in its first reading, and has two more readings to pass.

So the Love is Legal site is where people’s photos and accompanying messages opposing the bill and supporting the Russian LGBT community are posted. I asked one of the Russian activists if I could join the campaign, and he gladly gave me his permission. I sent my photo and my message to the campaign’s email address, and this is the end result:

My message is in Russian (thanks to ilupin for the editing), so I’m translating it into English for you.

I am a volunteer who works with gay teenagers. I know from experience what it’s like to talk an underage boy out of killing himself over the Internet.

For such teenagers, the information that they are perfectly normal and no worse than the others can be literally life-saving. They need information and educational resources, and not protection from the “propaganda” of what is absurd to propagandize. They need to know that they are not alone on this planet. I am against Article 6.13.1.

Darina Ivanova

ETA: I'm making this post "sticky" for some time because I think it's important.

13 August 2014 @ 12:47 am

My local friend Galya liked my photos of the first Green German Bunny so much that she asked me to make her one, and thankfully i had enough of that yarn left. So here it is:

Perched on one of our Phalaenopsis orchids:

 photo DSC03139_zps2a437ec7.jpg

The gren bunny from different anglesCollapse )

And then the bunny went to a cafe with Galya and me and sat on the table:
 photo DSC03141_zps90446de6.jpg

And here is another variegated bunny from the unpredictable self-patterning yarn that I made for a friend's almost 6-year-old daughter:

More photos of the second bunnyCollapse )

 photo DSC03175_zps440db495.jpg

I was afraid this one may be a little too colourful, but thankfully both the mother and the daughter loved it. Now let's hope it survives in the little girl's hands. :)
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I was just beginning a big cleaning campaign when I hurt my knee, and of course I didn't manage to finish it properly, and I managed to generate even more chaos while I couldn't walk much. And then I was in Slow Motion Mode, and didn't care much about my surroundings.

Now at last I'm slowly, very slowly, cleaning and tidying it all up properly. I even washed the windows today! It took me more than a week to get there.

I put away my silkworm's eggs for next year and washed and dried all rearing containers. It feels a little odd to see the empty shelves now. I miss my silly short-lived mothies, but I don't grieve too much for them.

Now if I can only finish organizing all my knitting, sewing and bracelet-making materials... and of course there is still a lot of clutter to get rid of.

All that cleaning, tidying and decluttering bores me to death, but it just has to be done, alas. I feel torn between wanting to finish it sooner and not wanting to spend too much of my time and energy on it almost every day.

Meanwhile, the hottest days of the year began, and I keep the computer on less than usual because it generates extra heat. Today seems a little more bearable... or maybe I'm beginning to adjust to the heat? I don't want to drift into Slow Motion Mode again because I'll have a lot of work to do very soon.
30 July 2014 @ 02:48 am
Ladies and gentlemen, we interrupt our regular flow of bunnies to show you a rat. :)

So, I finally got to post the result of that mystery knit-along, which I kept on knitting and undoing and knitting again long after it was no longer a "mystery" but thankfully there were other people who lagged behind or knitted more than one rat, so Ii always had virtual company, and the designer was very patient with us...

I tried out and rejected a lot of yarns and yarn combinations for this project, and knitted the body flat just because I didn’t have the right size double-point needles for the yarn I finally chose. Then I borrowed a set of bamboo double-point needles, but they didn’t work well with my yarns. Then I bought another set of double-point needles, which I found somewhat difficult to balance because they were a whole 20 cm long…

This may only be of interest to other knittersCollapse )
I attached the ears the wrong way, but decided to leave them as they are. So I have a very special big-eared rat now, which only befits a Wildly Experimental Rat. :)

Knitting the rat (lots of photos)Collapse )

And here is the finished rat exploring my computer desk:
 photo DSC03115_zpsa7a0f121.jpg

The pattern can be found here, but it is no longer free.
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28 July 2014 @ 02:14 am
Last Tuesday (22 June), I got an unpleasant reminder of how much I had underestimated the wounds of my knee.

I made one clumsy absent-minded movement with my computer chair – and my knee bumped lightly against the edge of the computer desk. That wouldn’t do anything to a healthy knee, but the edge met exactly the place that was the slowest to heal. Ouch!

Not for the squeamishCollapse )

So I disinfected that place with oxygen peroxide and left it alone. That little episode returned me to the stage of not tolerating the touch of fabric to my knee again, so I had to keep it from touching bed sheets or anything two more nights, wearing jeans was out of the question again, and the touch of my thinnest skirt against my knee still hurt in that special unpleasant way when I went out with my friend the next day. I’ve only been wearing my far from pretty in-home shorts around my part oft town since, but I think I’ll brave that skirt again if I go to some more “central” place tomorrow, or maybe wear my only dress with a shorter skirt if I decide that I’m not very likely to scare people with the sight of my knee (at least the interesting shades of blue in the better-healed areas are fading now). :P Well, at least that wound no longer limits my knee’s flexibility although I have a bit of scabbing here and there again now.

But it’s still just a minor inconvenience at this stage; it doesn’t even limit my movements any more, so I’d better not complain too much. :P

Now to get used to the heat that keeps trying to return my brain to Slow Motion Mode…
18 July 2014 @ 03:00 am
My brain is still struggling to get out of Slow Motion Mode, but I think I already have some success.

Of course it wasn't my knee itself that got me so badly out of shape; it was hardly getting any sleep for two weeks because of that knee. Then my knee recovered enough to leave me to sleep... and then came the insomnia. It seemed that my body had forgotten how to sleep in the same way as it had forgotten how to walk without limping. That still feels ridiculous; some people here have had much worse injuries or surgeries and still managed to function, but... here I am. I saved my energy on catching up with my work on my previous relatively good days, and I can't believe I'm saying it, but I'm grateful for going through another period of being  Almost Unemployed right now.

I'm not going to promise to return to LJ properly at any particular time now; I'll just wait until I feel fit enough, whenever that is. There is no way for me to catch up all the way back with all your journals, so I'll start with the people who have something major going on in their lives (if I am aware of that, of course).

And now I'm going back to remembering how to sleep. There will be more writing and more photo posts in the near future - severely out of chronological order, I'm afraid.

Love, Dari
18 July 2014 @ 02:43 am
Here are are some much-belated photos of the next version the monster toy I designed for those of you who haven't seen them on Facebook (where they were already belated :P). The previous versions are here and here.

Alas, the camera didn't manage to get the blue colour quite right; I think it looks better in reality.

This monster is full of bright colours in bold combinations that may be a bit too much for some people, but I made it for a lover of of bright colours in bold combinations, and he loved the photos (I have yet to see him in person to give him his monster).

 photo DSC02994_zps42763fc2.jpg

 photo DSC02979_zps25b7401e.jpg

 photo DSC02980_zps3890746b.jpg

 photo DSC02984_zps8e351d67.jpg

Two monsters togetherCollapse )
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09 July 2014 @ 02:43 am
I think I finally found the right red yarn. :)

This one is going to a very brave young Bulgarian transgender lady who is more feminine than tomboy-ish me. :)

 photo DSC03022_zps90eb5b0f.jpg

 photo DSC03023_zpsc5a92f87.jpg

 photo DSC03024_zpsfdb44f44.jpg

Two more photos for fuller perspective. ;)Collapse )
08 July 2014 @ 02:23 am
I decided that I needed a knitting adventure as a distraction from the slowness of the healing of my knee, so I started knitting a Mystery Creature. It feels a little strange not knowing what exactly I'm knitting, but it's fun, and I like that designer's other toy patterns, so I hope this one is just as good. :)

Is there anybody else here who wants to join this mystery knit-along on Ravelry?
29 June 2014 @ 02:07 am
Wow, I finished the second monster on 8 June, I took the last photos on 10 June, and then I didn't get around to posting the photos here for so long that I almost forgot about it!

So, here it is. It looks a little different than the black monster because this yarn drapes differently although it's supposed to be the same, but the black yarn is definitely softer.

It's going to live with one of my "adopted children". :)

 photo DSC02857_zps4c4ad7b2.jpg

 photo DSC02850_zpsad10c6f6.jpg

 photo DSC02846_zpsf29bfba6.jpg

 photo DSC02843_zpscafa670d.jpg

The monster's tour around the apartmentCollapse )
 photo DSC02904_zps27476c6a.jpg